1. Support
    Our foundation relies on the generosity of donors such as yourself to support our programs that provide our children the opportunity to be successful. Please visit our contact section in order to support our youth programs and community outreach through monetary donations or volunteering.
  2. TJGF Programs
    The Joel Gamble Foundation provides a number of programs for youth. Student Athlete Program, Career Scholars Program, Youth Reading 2 Youth Program, Bridging the Gap Police & Youth Program, NFL Play 60 Flag Football League, Health and Wellness Program, Boys and Girls Mentoring and several upcoming services.
  3. Community Outreach
    Community Cleanup, Football Camp, Youth in the Community initiatives, Free Under Armour Sports Equipment, NFL Play 60 Jersey giveaways, Back to School haircuts & school supplies, Orioles and Ravens ticket giveaway, College Sports ticket giveaway, and Christmas Gift Donations.
The Joel Gamble Foundation 
Vision, Mission, Core Values
The Joel Gamble Foundation's Vision is a community where all children have the resources, knowledge, opportunities, and desire to achieve their full potential.

The Joel Gamble Foundation's Mission is to promote personal excellence and community commitment among inner-city youth through athletic, academic, and cultural programming.

The Joel Gamble Foundation Core Values our collect belief that every child deserves the opportunity to be Well rounded, responsible, independent, confident, community-oriented, civic minded, ambitious, hardworking, productive, constructive, Individuals having pride in excellence.

A Role Model is not defined by social status nor monetary riches, A Role Model is defined by the sacrifices that you make helping others.

Joel Gamble

TJGF Student Athlete Program
This program is for High School 9th grade students and will help each student academically through tutoring and workshops, athletically through physical training, and college readiness with college tours and financial aid knowledge and assistance.
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The Joel Gamble Foundation Successes
​We have impacted over 4,000 youth in Baltimore however these are a few youth success stories.

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director

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